Personal Finance and Life Management

Pay off big debt by living small

InterestHow to Land a Job Despite Bad Credit

iq_logo_print_big_8x2in_300ppiThe Importance of Long Term Care Insurance
New survey finds most Americans unaware

sparefootHow To Protect Personal Data

InterestWealth Building Choices of Your Richest Neighbors

best-credit-cardsUnmarried and Sharing Credit?
Don’t do it!

iq_logo_print_big_8x2in_300ppiWhen The Dog Bites…Are You Covered?
The implications for homeowners insurance

InterestTurn Your Investments Over to Robo-Advisors

sparefootAdvice From Decluttering Guru Peter Walsh
Don’t focus on the ‘stuff’

best-credit-cardsFive Ways To Maximize Cash Back Rewards

iq_logo_print_big_8x2in_300ppiHow To Insure Your Shelter Pet

best-credit-cardsWho Inherits Credit Debt After Death?

iq_logo_print_big_8x2in_300ppiCar Insurance Rates
So many factors can make all the difference

best-credit-cardsA Full Archive of My Writing

iq_logo_print_big_8x2in_300ppiThe Expense of Teen Drivers
Adding just one to your policy can double your costs





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