All Hail The Great Leader!

Surely you’ve seen this already. No? Well, if you haven’t, it’s worth a quick watch. Creepy? Um…yeah. Manipulative? Certainly. A little downright frightening? Hell yes. Look, I’m not about to launch into a ridiculous tirade about how Obama is the anti-Christ, or about how, if elected, he’ll use the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse to lead the way in his inaugural parade. I’m still not even sure who I’ll be voting for come November 4th. But stuff like this is enough to drive me to write in Darth Vader.

These are children! Not voters, not adults…children! Whoever thought this was an acceptable idea ought to lose whatever leadership role he or she ever had over kids. This is brain-washing propaganda, a thoughtless indoctrination of individuals who have not yet developed the capacity to think critically outside the influence of the adults who fill their limited world view. The more I think about this, the more furious I get. In fact, it’s happening right now. As I type. You can’t see it, but I’m furious!

Oh, and one more thing: Can we all come off this implied, precious, saccharine, Kool-Aid guzzling bullshit that Obama is some sort of spiritual savior of the world! He’s a candidate running for office. Can we please treat him as such, and allow the potential virtues of his leadership abilities to make themselves evident over the course of his Presidency (should he be elected) instead of thrusting as-yet undeserved greatness upon him? We’re acting like a bunch of fucking zombies! So please…snap out of it! Or we’re looking at more videos like the one above.

One response to “All Hail The Great Leader!

  1. Elizabeth Harris Diulio

    Your entry here gave me pause. I had to think back on my 54 years of teachers. Particularly those teachers who impacted me in the same years as this video is from: 2nd – 8th grade. Sounds like you are espousing the video is well … horific. I don’t think it is horrific, and I think you need to be less afraid.

    Your editoria. made me reflect on my teachers. In just seconds, I have to tell you that the memorable teachers I have had in my life have all taught me most by being unconventional. As I look back on all these wonderful people, I know that the ones that made the most impact did it by being different. 3rd Grade teacher let me “mark” the test papers of my classmates. 4th grade taught french (not acceptable curiculum at the time) and continued to write to me personally after I left the state. 6th grade teacher violently broke chalk on the board getting me to know that mathematically “Of means times!” In 8th grade I was hubled by a nun who put me in the corner when I couldn’t stop talking – inappropriattly. In high school (beyond the years of the students in this video) I was given the most liberal influence that you could imagaine -some of them having me over to their homes to discuss the spiritual implecations of the Vietnam War. At home I was living with the quintisential Republican who I respected and adored but who I debated ad infinitum.

    After all of this, I have grown up to be politically undecided because I won’t “register” as a particular party. I am very rpoud of this. None of them won me, but I was exposed to all.

    Every teacher I ever had in my life – those I remember – would have had me sing just like these kid’s – knowing that it was only about exposing me to an idea – not brandoning (sic) me to a life time philosophy. By the way, wher’s the McCain song?

    Allowing me to grow up and make my own choices was at the core of each of these teachers.

    What are you so afraid of when you write this? Are these children going to become far right Obama fans “for life” because one teacher had the titanium tit’s to do this video? Hell Nick – these kids can’t vote. Yes I know their parents do. And hopefully as an adult you can see how impactful parent’s propogana is on your own personl life. Yes?

    Let’s see how these singers turn out as voters in 2016 after being part of such an illuminated and theatrical video in 2008. My hope will be that these children will vote a conscience that was nurtured by a teacher who was unconventional. Have FAITH.

    PS – Is ther a way for you to send me my comments?

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