Forget! The! Bailout!

This morning, as we all wake up to the news that the Senate passed the criminal $750 Billion bailout bill last night (a 451-page-plus tome replete with earmarks for everything from millions of dollars toward wool research, to millions in subsidies for a particular children’s wooden toy arrow manufacture), I think we need to keep in mind how insulting and dangerous this charade has been to the United States. Congress has once again decimated our trust in its ability to lead with conviction and honor by loading this bill with fat upon fat! And why? Because no one in Washington can get anything done without being motivated by the dastardly greasing of palms. If a Senator believes this bill is wrong, no amount of constituency-pleasing, campaign-contributor stroking earmarks should have changed his or her mind about it! Those whom we choose as our representatives in this republic have a responsibility to act in accordance with what is best for the citizens of the United States, and yet here, even as they decry the dire need for this bill, even as they bemoan like a bunch of children the consequences of inaction, and even as they needlessly burden the hallowed traditions supposedly inherent in this nation’s philosophical foundation with their worthless, odious, pale-faced, hollow partisan bullshit, still America’s Congress can’t seem to get it right. They are cowardly and philosophically bankrupt, including Senator McCain, the so-called “Maverick” of the senate and supporter of this bloated bullshit bailout; the one who is apparently going to eliminate earmark spending if he wins this election (RIGHT!!); the one who doesn’t even have the brass ones to stand up for the purity of his own convictions now, in a time when real crisis demands real principles. Congress has pissed on all of us this week, and it’s sickening to have to swallow its ceaseless flow. I do not fear the collapse of this nation’s economy nearly as much as I fear the folly and villainy of those whom we have allowed to rise to power.

Well, all of this should be moot, since this bailout seems less and less essential with every passing day I educate myself to the matter. It’s a rash, panicked piece of legislation that is going to increase the size of this government more than any of us have seen our lifetimes. Moreover, it’s the continued thievery of our tax dollars—our wages!—for the purpose of pulling the asses of asses out of a fire they created! Please take a moment to read the following commentary by Harvard University senior economics lecturer Jeffrey A. Miron, who makes the best case I have yet heard for why this bailout is not only unessential but potentially disastrous for the future of this nation’s economy.

These are sad days indeed…


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